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Paradise Quotes

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Paradise Quotes


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Opening Our Heart

The true meaning of opening our heart is that we no longer have fear of losing anything. It is a form of surrender, yet such surrender has no object. It is not like we are surrendering to something. What we surrender are our hopes and fears, and an investment in our misery. When we have reached the final point of that surrender there is nothing that we want to hold on to.

The Nectar of Truth

Truth is not conceptual. We can never understand or realize it through concepts and ideas. Truth is not to be understood. Rather, it is meant to be experienced, tasted, like nectar. There is nothing to understand about nectar. One must taste it, drink it, and experience it. The truth is like that. It is to be experienced and realized, not speculated about. (p. 27).

Of course, it is good to have deep sleep because then we feel rejuvenated, we can think carefully. But maybe we love deep sleep because we feel, 'Finally everybody left me alone last night. The whole world left me alone, right?' It feels that way.

The most amazing and strange thing about awakening to the truth of oneness is that there is no such thing as oneness as an isolated phenomenon.

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Paradise is not some kind of enchanted land filled with flowers and music. It is not some kind of spiritual Disneyland. Paradise is our primordial pure consciousness, which is free of all limitations but embodies the infinity of the divine.

When one illusion doesn't work then we become disillusioned and we go around with our antennae up looking for another illusion.

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