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She was actually learning to love Arizona. The beauty and color and solitude, the vastness of it had called to something deep in her. First, she had complained of the dust, the wind, the emptiness, the absence of people. But she had forgotten these.

--Zane Grey

Wow, Even the rocks in Sedona meditate.

--Ilchi Lee

Well, the trip from then on across Arizona and east of Los Angeles was just one Oasis after another. You can just throw anything out and it will grow there. I like Arizona.

--Will Rogers

Welcome to Arizona, where the heat is sick of the heat.


Welcome to Arizona, where summer spends the winter and hell spends the summer.


Things in Arizona don’t just die; they bake and fry in the heat until there is nothing left.

--Jeffry R. Halverson

They must’ve abbreviated us AZ because we have the entire spectrum of weather extremes: ‘A -- Ablaze in the Phoenix sun to ‘Z -- zero-degree snow in Flagstaff.

--Terri Guillemets

There’s something wonderfully healing in Arizona air.

--Zane Grey

The morning was, like nearly all Arizona mornings, clear and beautiful.

--Edgar Rice Burroughs

The great desert of Arizona quivering in the heat of the southern sun.

--Mark Daniels

The dark and jagged ramparts of Arizona stood up against the sky, and behind them, the huge tilted plain rising toward the backbone of the continent again.

--John Steinbeck

The beaver told the rabbit as they stared at the Hoover Dam: No, I didn’t build it myself, but it’s based on an idea of mine.

--Charles Hard Townes

The Arizona desert to us is starkly beautiful at all times, but when touched by the magic of spring it becomes a land of enchantment. The weirdly beautiful cacti that dominate the landscape strangely resembles the vegetation of a past era, millions of years ago.

--Raymond Carlson

The Arizona desert takes hold of a man’s mind and shakes it.

--David W. Toll

Sunset fell. The red and golden rays of sunlight swept down over it, spreading light over the desert.

--Zane Grey

Sedona is an apace of infinite creation in your heart, your greatest dream, and the most sacred moments of your life. And it is the power of your choice to choose hope even in the most difficult moments.

--Ilchi Lee

Santa Cruz County: climatically the region is one of the highly favored districts for which Arizona has already become world-famed. One neither roasts, fries, bakes, or frizzles in summer nor freezes, crystallizes or solidifies in winter.

--George Wharton James

Racial discrimination is illegal. It’s illegal in the United States. It’s illegal in Arizona. It has been and it will continue to be.

--Jan Brewer

Phoenix weather forecast: Just stay inside.


Phoenix weather alert: There will be a light, gentle breeze accompanied by perfect temperatures and scattered sunshine. Please dress appropriately for these harsh weather conditions.


Nowhere on this planet is the desert as fascinating as it is in Arizona.

--Joseph Stacey

No matter where in the world I’m coming back from, in Sedona I always feel a sense of safety and peace, as if I’ve returned to the home of my soul, into the arms of Mother Earth the red land that always welcomes me with open arms.

--Ilchi Lee

New York is the Mecca of style in America, but don’t knock Phoenix -- it’s not as big, but there are lots of people with style there.

--Amare Stoudemire

My favorite part of winter is watching it from Arizona.


Let’s pack up and catch us a slow train, And go back to Phoenix to a far brighter day

--Waylon Jennings

In the empire of the desert, water is the king and shadow is the queen.

--Mehmet Murat İldan

In Arizona, you can hike among cactus as tall as office buildings.

--Mike Coopsen

In Arizona, we salt margaritas, not sidewalks.


In Arizona, we have two types of weather -- hot and a little less hot.


If you need a dream, or if you need to rediscover a dream you’ve lost, come here to Sedona.

--Ilchi Lee

If there’s one thing Arizona is best in the nation at, it’s water.

--Doug Ducey

I hate Arizona. It always eight hundred degrees outside and everybody’s always saying, ‘But it’s a dry heat!’ So’s the inside of my microwave.

--John Rivers

I am enamored with desert dew because it’s usually the closest thing we get to rain.

--Terri Guillemets

I ain’t movin’ to Arizona! Dammit, there is nothin’ there but gravel and scorpions.

--Mary Doria Russell

Europe has nothing to recommend it but its old age, and the Petrified Forest in Arizona makes a Sucker out of it for old age. Why that forest was there and doing business before Nero took his first Violin lesson.

--Will Rogers

Did you know they don’t have golden arches at the McDonald’s in Sedona? Only McDonald’s in the world without golden ones? They’re teal.

--Mike Bove

Deserts are mummified, bone-makers. Some years, the rain won’t come, clouds promising and promising, but did you say the right prayers, did you pray to the right god?

--Craig Child

Desert rains are usually so definitely demarked that the story of the man who washed his hands in the edge of an Arizona thunder shower without wetting his cuffs seems almost credible.


Arizona’s a vale of mountain-temples.

--Robert Haven Schauffler

Arizona: Where nature beats Photoshop.


Arizona: Wanderlust and Desert Dust.


Arizona: Thousand shades of nature.


Arizona: Just another day in paradise.


Arizona looks like a battle on Mars.


Arizona is young and daring. She is not tied to precedent, to the convention, to other states’ ways of doing things. She is bent on making her own ways, and in her own way. Her mistakes will be her own, and her triumphs likewise.

--George Wharton James

Arizona is so hot that you can fry an egg on the sidewalk.


Arizona is known for five "C's" -- copper, citrus, cotton, cattle, and climate.

--Kathleen Derzipilski

Arizona is a red state, and we’re going to keep it red.

--Jan Brewer

Arizona is a magnificent state. With something for everyone. I realize that no poem, song, picture, or words could ever do justice to Arizona.

--Rick Harris

Arizona is a great place to be a radiation researcher.

--Steven Magee

Arizona has long reflected the traditionalistic values of the southerners who settled the territory and who have continued to migrate to the state over the years.

--Rick Harris

Arizona -- Land of extremes. Land of contrasts. Land of surprises. Land of contradictions.


Arizona -- a land where a good spring is far better than a gold mine.


And me — I was glowing as brightly as the warm Arizona evening. Pink clouds were striped across the twilight sky. It was a country to fall in love with.

--David Gerrold

Among all the geographic areas of the United States, the Southwest in general and Arizona, in particular, is blessed with a panoramic beauty that almost defies description. Only a limited number of poets, painters, and photographers have been able to do justice to her splendor.

--Marshall Trimble

Although Arizona is still a young state, its varied cultural traditions have created a rich and colorful history.

--Peter Massey

Almost everyone in the world knows something about Arizona, and some of it is even true.

--Jim Turner

Across the Colorado River from the Needles, the dark and jagged ramparts of Arizona stood up against the sky, and behind them, the huge tilted plain rising toward the backbone of the continent again.

--John Steinbeck

A three-inch rain in Phoenix means three inches between drops.


A hundred and fifteen in the shade is hot — but you don’t gotta shovel it off your driveway.


In Arizona we salt margaritas, not sidewalks.


In Arizona, shade trees are your best friends -- and occasionally the basis of small civil wars over parking.

--Terri Guillemets

I live in Arizona, and I don't like the way they treat Hispanics there.

--Charles Barkley

I live in Arizona. I think the Hispanic people are amazing. I think when people talk about illegal immigration... it does them a disservice.

--Charles Barkley

Arizona is gorgeous. The sunshine in Arizona is gorgeous red.

--Cecilia Bartoli

I was honored to wear 'Arizona' across my chest. I am extremely blessed to have my education completely paid for and take part in the great tradition of Wildcat softball. To have my jersey number retired was the ultimate compliment.

--Jennie Finch

Arizona, our beautiful state, was built on mining.

--Jan Brewer

Longer Version:

Arizona, our beautiful state, was built on mining. Copper is huge here, and now uranium. And then we have the federal government coming in, writing all these rules and regulations and telling us that we can't do this and we can't do that. We need concise, clear answers.

Even the plants in Arizona wanted to hurt you.

--Janette Rallison

For all the toll the desert takes of a man it gives compensations, deep breaths, deep sleep, and the communion of the stars.

--Mary Hunter Austin

You know you're an Arizona native when you have to look up mass transit in the dictionary.

--Paul Johnson

The culinary scene in Phoenix is incredible.

--Clive Cussler

Arizona changes its state motto to 'Damn, it's hot.'

--Greg Proops

My idea of heaven is being in Arizona, stuck up a mountain -- somewhere where there are no phones.

--Gavin Esler

The people of Arizona, they've been very warm and welcoming.

--Tyrann Mathieu

The Grand Canyon is carven deep by the master hand; it is the gulf of silence, widened in the desert; it is all time inscribing the naked rock; it is the book of earth.

--Donald C. Peattie

The summer in Arizona is too hot.

--Ben Howland

Arizona, with its wide-open spaces and no one peering over your shoulder, had always been a haven for folks who didn't like the law or other busybodies to know what they were up to.

--Jeanette Walls

Then the wind blew cool through the pinyons on the rim. There was a sweet tang of cedar and sage on the air and that indefinable fragrance peculiar to the canyon country of Arizona.

--Zane Grey

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