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photo of author Steven Soderbergh with quote

Whenever you experiment with something, it's very easy to take the emotion out of it. And going back and forth between wanting to be respected artistically and wanting to move people is its own challenge.

photo of author Stephen Covey with quote

Whenever you experience stress of any kind, look into yourself and ask, In what way am I compromising my innermost values in this situation?

photo of author Frederick Lenz with quote

Whenever you engage in a selfless action that contributes to the welfare of others, this will create a vibratory pattern that will lead you into higher states of mind.

Whenever you drop something by fight, it is never dropped. You can drop smoking by fighting, and then you will start doing something else which will become a substitute. You may start chewing gum, it is the same; You may start chewing pan, it is the same, there is no difference. You need something to do with your mouth -- smoking, chewing, anything. When your mouth goes on working, you feel at ease because through the mouth tensions are released. So whenever a man feels tense he starts smoking.

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Photo Credit: Pawel Czerwinski

Whenever you do what you really love, your heart lifts, your mind opens, and everything changes. You wake up. That's what true adventure really is.

photo of author George Lucas with quote

Whenever you do something, people try to re-do it and do a better version, especially if they're in another country.

photo of author Hu Shih with quote

Whenever you do something without asking yourself, Why am I doing this?-that is meaningless life... . The why of life makes it meaningful... . Only when an answer is given is one living life as a man.

photo of author Steve Buscemi with quote

Whenever you do something that is in a continuous take, and something that we're not used to doing, because it was all in the details of if you don't make one move seem natural, it can give away all of it.

silhouette of off-road car
Photo Credit: Jonatan Pie

Whenever you do anything with Bond, you've got Cubby Broccoli and Sean Connery looking over your shoulder.

photo of author Nigel Barker with quote

Whenever you do anything public, you open yourself up to be criticized.

Whenever you do any one thing intensely over a period of time you have to give up other lives you could be living. You have to have a real single-minded kind of tunnel vision if you want to get anything significant accomplished. Especially if the desire is not to be a businessman, but to be a creative person.

photo of author Tara Strong with quote

Whenever you do an animated project or a voice-over project it's inevitable that part of your personality comes into play.

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Photo Credit: James Wainscoat

Whenever you do a thing, act as if all the world were watching.

photo of author Donna McKechnie with quote

Whenever you do a show, there are happy reunions of people; it's very familial.

photo of author Bartlett Sher with quote

Whenever you do a new interpretation of a great, previous text of any kind, you always look for some kind of immediate significance right now.

Whenever you do a movie, it's a culture shock. Who is it? Where are you? What are you doing? Who are these people? Where are you going now? It's kind of like how somebody describes private flying: It's hours of monotony punctuated by moments of stark terror. That's what it's like anywhere in the world, whether you're in Texas or Bucharest.

photo of author Alia Bhatt with quote

Whenever you do a film for the wrong reasons, it may or it may not pan out. Sometimes people do it because it is a good move or the right move. I don't know; maybe one day I will do a film for the wrong reasons, and it will work for me.

photo of author David Frum with quote

Whenever you discuss politics, it is always better to use individual names rather then the term neocon.

photo of author Eckhart Tolle with quote

Whenever you deeply accept this moment as it is -- no matter what form it takes -- you are still, you are at peace.

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