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photo of author Sandra Cisneros with quote

I like to mix it up, because the kind of comments you can get from a fiction writer about your poetry are going to be very different than what you'll get from a poet.

photo of author Pixie Lott with quote

I like to mix it up, but I do like a lot of '60s fashion. But I like to make it a bit more edgier, sometimes a bit more rockier, sometimes a bit more classic.

I like to mix it up, yeah. I don't sort of think, 'Oh, I need to do a comedy, I've done three dramas this year.' I don't think of it like that, but I definitely from project to project I feel like I want to just do something different all of the time and stop, I don't want to bore myself or anyone else.

photo of author Aaron Ruell with quote

I like to mix pieces in my art direction from the '60s or the '40s and the '90s and present-day stuff. To me, that feels very real. When I go into people's houses, it's not all today.

white pillar candle on black surface
Photo Credit: Lilya Alis

I like to mix the street look with classy and sexy. I call it 'hood chic.'

photo of author Alicia Sacramone with quote

I like to mix up my workouts to keep them fun and interesting. It makes getting to the gym a lot easier!

photo of author George Allen with quote

I like to motivate and inspire people.

photo of author George Woodcock with quote

I like to move among painters, mathematicians, psychologists, people who can tell me something.

orange tabby cat
Photo Credit: Gaelle Marcel

I like to move around a lot -- I'm a big runner, and I often get on a bike and ride from meeting to meeting.

photo of author Joshua Homme with quote

I like to move forward and notice things along the roadside that indicate where I should go.

photo of author Russell Simmons with quote

I like to move towards a place where my greatest experience is promoting happiness for others. I know that that creates a cycle of the same great experience.

photo of author David Arquette with quote

I like to mumble when I act, 'cause I think it's more realistic. For some reason, the impediment has given me the accent of a Mexican gangster.

photo of author Jodie Foster with quote

I like to nap. I do like to sleep. Sometimes I sleep in between takes.

photo of author Guy Laliberte with quote

I like to not be too involved in the beginning and during the process so as to keep this fresh look and be able to give constructive recommendation on the final production.

photo of author Jack Nicholson with quote

I like to not care that much about criticism, but I do care about it.

photo of author Kelly Jones with quote

I like to open for a band as it brings on sort of a challenge and it makes things more interesting. It reminds me of when we were just starting out because we would open for other bands in the beginning.

photo of author Les Claypool with quote

I like to open new doors and blaze new trails through the jungle and all that whatnot. What keeps me goin' all these years is changin' it up.

photo of author Prince with quote

I like to open people's eyes.

photo of author Jessica Alba with quote

I like to organize. I have an opinion. I like to get stuff done.

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