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Humility Quotes

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Humility Quotes


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If you can't give it all you've got, don't bother.

Life is a curriculum unique to every student.

It's only awkward if it matters.

I take the precaution of wearing proper, decent clothes when changing a light bulb in case I get zapped and die.

Try staying awake for 24 hours and you'll realize just how many needless worries your mind instantly shuts out.

I think we each have a certain number of unnecessary apologies, which we willingly dish out before we realize it's time to stand and fight. I may still have two or three left.

And with the Savior's passing came Satan's sure defeat
Christ whispered, It is finished, for payment was complete.
I could not earn salvation, it's been dispensed for free
And mercy's gates would open, as He has died for me.

But that was just a shadow of what would come to pass:
When one appointed season Christ came to die at last.
And in the name of justice they flogged him like a thief,
But willing was the victim of human disbelief.

It's because the door hasn't been closed yet that the nightmares still find their way in.

Always make an effort to be around people who will help you grow.

Kindness is a language more often misunderstood than taken at face value.

Going away won't change anything if you're running from yourself.

If difficult times teach us the most important lessons, we should then learn to read difficult books.

God blows on the leaves, they turn to gold, and we call it autumn.

You're only naive once. Use it well.

She didn't realize she was in a prison until she collided with the bars.

Dementia: Is it more painful to forget, or to be forgotten?

If we didn't have nightmares, we wouldn't wake up every morning chasing our dreams.

Orders come from customers, not from leaders.

Most people believe in God because they think he's comforting, not because they think he's real.

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