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Forest Quotes


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The trees were dappling again. They loved to dapple, it seemed to be their favorite pastime.

It's a wonderful thought that everyday has something to celebrate.

Time has a way of changing our minds.

Darkness is part of this life, but so is light.

I would like to be made into a book, if I were a tree.

There is always light in the midst of darkness, even if it is only a pinpoint int he distance.

A troubled mind can make rocket science out of nearly anything.

I'm not a grownup, just a kid who has been around for a while.

The world was alive, and singing and calling and whispering and laughing in the sort of way that was impossible not to fall in love with.

There are no true villains in this world, only heroes and their opinions.

Bravery can only be called so if it is needed. If you do something simply to prove that you can, it may be impressive or daring, but it is not brave.

The beauty of spring makes my heart sing.

A summer world where skies were Carolina blue,
And friendship was everlasting.
A place where courage finally came through,
And sorrow left our side.
It all started with a smile
That I tried to put on every day,
But when a true friend smiled back,
It never went away.
And as time goes on,
something lingers,
A lesson learned by heart,
A memory that will always be near,
Even though we are apart.
Love is such a miraculous thing,
When two can help each other,
Bringing joy to both
friendship, and family,
Until life's as sweet as Honey Butter.

There is always light in the midst of the Darkness, even if it's only a pinpoint in the distance. And when it seems as if there isn't, it's just an illusion. Just a lie that the Darkness wants you to believe. Break through the illusion. Remember that you're growing through it and towards the light. You are always growing towards the light.

She had met people who had tried to fit in. She had met people who tried to stand out. But until then she had never met anyone who simply tried to be themselves without expecting anything from those around
them. It was a refreshing experience.

You can get lost in any library, no matter the size. But the more lost you are, the more things you'll find.

Maybe, in the warm embrace of storytelling, we can all feel less alone together.

But I'm sure you, dear Reader, are cleverer
than that. For if it really took only so long as Lydia suspected to save the Zs, then there would be much less of this book left than there is, wouldn't there?

A shared cup of laughter, dear Reader, is the sunbeam that causes the flower of friendship to open its petals and peep out.

Anything can be art, it just might be bad art.

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