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photo of author Charles Vest with quote

We are trying to make up these other elements by gaining cost efficiencies through our reengineering process and through overt fund-raising activities to better support graduate education.

photo of author George Soros with quote

We are trying to make the world a better place, but that is not necessarily what we accomplish. Many of the problems which preoccupy us are basically insoluble.

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Photo Credit: Mathias P.R. Reding

We are trying to make sure the online world is as safe and secure as the offline world.

We are trying to identify employers that might be hiring illegal aliens and to take effective action against them. We're trying to make sure that employers that want to cooperate have a system whereby they can verify the employment status of a person that they are seeking to hire. It is part of a comprehensive initiative in which we look both at the border, at the workplace, at criminal aliens, in an attempt to have a comprehensive effort aimed at stopping illegal immigration while at the same time promoting legal immigration according to principles of due process.

photo of author Cynthia Kenyon with quote

We are trying to find drugs, small molecules, that people could take to make them disease-resistant, more youthful and healthy. Eventually we will find them.

two birds on flight
Photo Credit: Daniel Mingook Kim

We are trying to educate players to use their spare time to train for a life after football, which comes to everybody. You can lead a lot of horses to water, but you can't make them all drink.

photo of author Katherine Paterson with quote

We are trying to communicate that which lies in our deepest heart, which has no words, which can only be hinted at through the means of a story.

photo of author Robert Plant with quote

We are trying to communicate a fulfilled ideal. Does anybody remember laughter?

photo of author Grover Norquist with quote

We are trying to change the tones in the state capitals, and turn them toward bitter nastiness and partisanship.

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Photo Credit: Valerie Blanchett

We are trying to capture the widest possible audience all around the world. In other words, we are trying to capture the people who are even beyond the gaming population.

We are trying not so much to make God listen to us as to make ourselves listen to him; we are trying not to persuade God to do what we want, but to find out what he wants us to do. It so often happens that in prayer we are really saying, 'Thy will be changed,' when we ought to be saying, 'Thy will be done.' The first object of prayer is not so much to speak to God as to listen to him.

photo of author Michael Enzi with quote

We are truly one nation, under God, indivisible and that we must remain so in the face of any threat to ensure our country remains strong, united and free.

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We are true to our name. We're somewhat beneath the surface, and I think well always be to a certain extent.

photo of author Geri Halliwell with quote

We are true Thatcherites. She was the first Spice Girl, the pioneer of our ideology, girl power. What matters in life is the ability to rise and do anything...I like the woman. Even if her policies were hard-headed. Socialism is bad.

photo of author Robert Henri with quote

We are troubled by having two selves, the inner and the outer. The outer one is rather dull and lets great things go by.

Michael Zaslow quote: We are treated with such generosity of spirit.- black text on quotes background

We are treated with such generosity of spirit.

photo of author Marina Abramovic with quote

We are trapped in technology because we are so unbelievably impressed by technology ... Technology is not the problem, our approach to technology is the problem.

photo of author Niels Bohr with quote

We are trapped by language to such a degree that every attempt to formulate insight is a play on words.

photo of author Rachel Roy with quote

We are transformed by what we read. Deepak Chopra, one of the leading thinkers of the world, in many ways has changed my life with his words It is important for me to share his words and pass on this good energy to my girls.

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