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The messages of racism, the lies, the fraud, the sexism -- he's sending a lot of really horrible messages to our children.

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The message, 'stop Islam, defend freedom,' is a message that's not only important for the Netherlands but for the whole free Western world.

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The message was, the choices you make can have bad consequences. Everyone has the power of choice. Just like this kid had the power of choice to steal my car.

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The message was that if something is free, you should only take the best. If, on the other hand, you're forced to pay, it's best to lower the bar and not be so choosy.

Rae Carson quote: The message was always, 'It's good to be pretty, but don't look like you're trying to be pretty!' Inherent in that is a lot of misogyny, I think, because the implication is, 'You must work hard to achieve a feminine ideal for which society has nothing but contempt.'- black text on quotes background

The message was always, 'It's good to be pretty, but don't look like you're trying to be pretty!' Inherent in that is a lot of misogyny, I think, because the implication is, 'You must work hard to achieve a feminine ideal for which society has nothing but contempt.'

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The message that you're portraying, that's what drives the type of people that follow you.

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The message that we can't take in everybody is imperative. At the same time, the decision as to who has a right to asylum needs to be made in Brussels.

The message that underlies healing is simple yet radical: We are already whole.... Underneath our fears and worries, unaffected by the many layers of our conditioning and actions, is a peaceful core. The work of healing is peeling away the barriers of fear that keep us unaware of our true nature of love, peace, and rich interconnection with the web of life. Healing is the rediscovery of who we are and who we have always been.

The message that I gave on the -- on the steps today was that you need to stand for those things that are right and empower the individual. Believe in the power of one person. Don't believe that you can't do it. Everybody wants -- everybody wants a shot. That we can all agree on. Beyond that, it becomes politics. I'm not talking politics.

The message that 'love' will solve all of our problems is repeated incessantly in contemporary culture -- like a philosophical tom tom. It would be closer to the truth to say that love is a contagious and virulent disease which leaves a victim in a state of near imbecility, paralysis, profound melancholia, and sometimes culminates in death.

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The message should be clear, climate change must take its place along those threats like conflict, poverty.

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The message sent is not always the message received.

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The message received from the mass media is that knowledge makes love less compelling; that it is ignorance that gives love its erotic and transgressive edge.

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The message of women's liberation is that women can love each other and ourselves against our degrading education.

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The message of transformation and how we all can live from our heart, not just from our head, was a very important message for me to learn in my own life.

The message of this season that is applicable throughout the year lies not in the receiving of earthly presents and treasures but in the forsaking of selfishness and greed and in going forward, seeking and enjoying the gifts of the Spirit, which Paul said are 'love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,meekness,temperance: against such there is no law' (Gal. 5:22-23).

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The message of the summoned life is that you don't need to panic if you don't yet know what you want to do with your life. But you probably want to throw yourselves into circumstances where the summons will come.

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The message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ is that we can and must expect to become better as long as we live.

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The message of the movie is to accept who you are and not to succumb to the pressure of what the media tells you is beautiful and what you should be looking like.

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