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Wikipedia Summary for Tom Brown, Jr.

Tom Brown Jr. (born January 29, 1950) is an American naturalist, tracker, survivalist, and author from New Jersey, where he runs the Tom Brown Jr. Tracker School.

In his books, Brown claims that, from the age of seven, he and his childhood friend Rick were trained in tracking and wilderness survival by Rick's grandfather, "Stalking Wolf" (whom Brown claims was Lipan Apache). There is no evidence that "Stalking Wolf" ever existed. Brown writes that Stalking Wolf died when Brown was 17, and that Rick was killed in a motorcycle riding accident in Europe shortly thereafter.

Brown spent the next ten years working odd jobs to support his wilderness adventures. He then set out to find other people in New Jersey who were interested in his experiences. Initially Brown met with little success, but was eventually called on to help locate a crime suspect. Though the case won him national attention, the authorities were subsequently sued for 5 million dollars for finding the wrong person. Despite this failure, he was able to build on this exposure to develop a profession as a full-time tracker, advertising his services for locating lost persons, dangerous animals, and fugitives from the law. According to People magazine, "He stalks men and animals, mostly in New Jersey."

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