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90 Quotes about Vacations

Welcome to our collection of quotes about vacations.

The answer may not be at the beach, but shouldn't we at least check?

Isn't it interesting that people feel best about themselves right before they go on vacation? They've cleared up all of their to-do piles, closed up transactions, renewed old promises with themselves. My most basic suggestion is that people should do that more than just once a year.

The purpose of a vacation is to have the time to rest. But many of us, even when we go on vacation, don't know how to rest. We may even come back more tired than before we left.

Here's to a vacation of no regrets!

The best vacation is still a book, a renewable ticket to places real and imaginary.

The best thing about a vacation is planning it.

I wish I'd known sooner that success isn't defined by who goes the longest without vacation.

Everyone needs to take a vacation from the sort of automatic things you do.

To get away from one's working environment is, in a sense, to get away from one's self; and this is often the chief advantage of travel and change.

On vacation, you can wear all the colorful and casual clothing that you like, but you must always be elegant.

I never wait for summer vacation. In deep winter, I warm-up my mind with the fire of my thoughts and swim in the ocean of my imagination.

Don't wait for a vacation to enjoy life. Start to enjoy it now, today, wherever you are.

In the summer, we create memories of hot adventures so that those memories can warm-up the deep frozen winter.

Most successful people are always on vacation.

My favorite place for taking a vacation is found in my library.

If life is an adventure, then a vacation is an adventure to find true joy.

Take a vacation from your stressful thoughts by changing your thoughts.

I have never gone on a real trip, never taken a holiday. The best holiday for me is spent in my workshops when nearly everybody else is on vacation.

A vacation is like love: anticipated with pleasure, experienced with discomfort, and remembered with nostalgia.

A man doesn't have vacation problems: his boss tells him when to take them, and his wife tells him where.

Build traditions of family vacations and trips and outings. These memories will never be forgotten by your children.

You don't need a vacation when there's nothing to escape from.

No matter what happens, travel gives you a story to tell.

The thing I love most about going on vacation is that I get to leave behind any kind of schedule. My entire life is scheduled from morning to night, and when I'm on vacation, there is no schedule.

After all, the function of a vacation is regenerative, not luxurious. It's to restore our equipment so that we can live our ordinary lives better.

Holidays are enticing only for the first week or so. After that, it is no longer such a novelty to rise late and have little to do.

Vacations prove that a life of pleasure is overrated.

Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends.

Don't feel guilty about vacationing. What are you truly living and working for anyways? Death is all too real.

Overworking is the Black Plague of the 21st Century.

Longer Version:

Overworking is the Black Plague of the 21st Century. Leave the office on time by using the time you have effectively. An executive at a Fortune 100 told me that to him, if you stay at work late, that means 'you're slow.

A vacation trip is one-third pleasure, fondly remembered, and two-thirds aggravation, entirely forgotten.

A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it.

Longer Version:

A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.

Vacation: Two weeks on the sunny sands -- and the rest of the year on the financial rocks.

Using a camera appeases the anxiety which the work-driven feel about not working when they are on vacation and supposed to be having fun. They have something to do that is like a friendly imitation of work: they can take pictures.

Too much work, too much vacation, too much of any one thing is unsound.

The ant is knowing and wise, but he doesn't know enough to take a vacation.

Year by year we are learning that in this restless, strenuous American life of ours vacations are essential.

My Vocation is my Vacation. I love what I do.

A holiday vacation can mean sampling all kinds of new cuisine -- whether it's Uncle Joe's award-winning chili or the exotic flavors of Nepal. If your little ones are fussy, be sure to ease mealtime hassles by bringing along a supply of the familiar foods they're accustomed to rejecting at home.

I think the best vacation is the one that relieves me of my own life for a while and then makes me long for it again.

'Vacation' means titillating my taste buds.

There's no vacation from being a parent.

I'm more obsessed with the idea of vacation than any one particular vacation spot. I love to explore new places and cultures.

I don't wanna go on vacation. There's nothing about it that appeals to me. People look forward to doing that; I look forward to getting up every day and doing something.

The breaks you take from work pay you back manifold when you return because you come back with a fresher mind and newer thinking. Some of your best ideas come when you're on vacation.

I can't relax. I find vacations problematic.

As you grow older, you learn a few things. One of them is to actually take the time you've allotted for vacation.

Everyone has the right to go on a vacation without kids if they want.

My whole life is a vacation.

Americans have much less holiday, so for them, four or five days away is like a mini vacation, but for us, it's just a long weekend. In Europe, one takes time off more casually.

A vacation spot out of season always has a very special magic.

It cost me a lot of money to have a vacation, basically. It's nice to step back and see there's more to life.

I'm going to go away on vacation, I'm going to try to get away from the phone, away from scripts. I think it's important to sit back and think about what you want.

This vacation tip: If you see a gas station with a sign that says Clean Rest Rooms, it means one thing -- the door is locked and no one can find the key.

For me, the best vacation is just relaxing on the couch!

If you love your job, you haven't worked a day in your life.

It has long been my belief that in times of great stress, such as a 4-day vacation, the thin veneer of family wears off almost at once, and we are revealed in our true personalities.

When you go on vacation with people, you learn a lot about them.

Why go on vacation when work is so much more fun.

If you don't want to marry a partner while on a relaxing vacation, you shouldn't be with them. On the other hand, romantic gestures are fine, but one does have to return home to a sink of dirty dishes and day jobs to keep the lights on. One shouldn't base too much on a beach making one tingly.

I think people need hope when times are tough. I think they also need escape and adventure and fantasy. Books are like cheap mini vacations.

Swedish people live for the summer -- it transforms everyone. I don't want to miss having a Swedish summer vacation for as long as I live. It's my favorite thing in the world.

I work to go on vacation. Hopefully, the more money I make, my vacations will get a little longer to the point where they last a year.

Life is simply a vacation from the infinite.

I absolutely believe that when one goes on vacation, it should be pure decadence.

Find what brings you joy and go there.

Vacation: a period of travel and relaxation when you take twice the clothes and half the money you need.

Expanding your notion of fun beyond a two-week vacation in Maui increases the chances you'll have more of it.

A vacation should be just long enough that your boss misses you, and not long enough for him to discover how well he can get along without you.

I used to dream of a week-long beach vacation with white sand under my toes... right now, I'd settle for 48 hours at a Motel 6 with some Lysol and a UV lamp.

The best way to not die with vacation time on the books is to stop worrying about what you shoulda done. Stop worrying about what you woulda done. Stop worrying about what you coulda done.

No one wants to die with vacation time on the books.

Vacation time is something we all accrue, but only the wisest of us recognize its importance.

When you plan a vacation, actually take it.

When all else fails, take a vacation.

I think it's because we're looking for the meaning. Where is the meaning? We have mindless jobs, we take frantic vacations, deficit finance trips to the mall to buy more things that we think are going to fill these holes in our lives. Is it any wonder that we've lost our sense of direction?

The man who is so run down that he needs a vacation can never adjust or reform himself in two weeks. What he really needs is to re-transform his life.

Life is a vacation from two eternities.

Too much work, and no vacation, Deserves at least a small libation. So hail! my friends, and raise your glasses, Work's the curse of the drinking classes.

Isn't it amazing how much stuff we get done the day before vacation?

Laughter is an instant vacation.

On vacations: We hit the sunny beaches where we occupy ourselves keeping the sun off our skin, the saltwater off our bodies, and the sand out of our belongings.

woman in brown sun hat lying on sand during daytime

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