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Love is like war: easy to begin but very hard to stop.

--H. L. Mencken
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Look, there's no metaphysics on earth like chocolates.

--Fernando Pessoa
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Valentine's Day: Rubbing singles' noses in their lack of a mate and the noses of couples in their lack of time.

--Emma McLaughlin
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When I got old enough to date, I realized that Valentine's Day is just a commercial marketing scam to make men feel bad. So I let my boyfriends off the hook.

--Evangeline Lilly
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Love shall be our token; love be yours and love be mine.

--Christina Rossetti
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If you don't have a valentine, hang out with your girlfriends, don't go looking for someone. When it's right, they'll come to you.

--Carmen Electra
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My ideal Valentine's Day is spending it with someone you are in love with and for that someone to make you feel loved and appreciated.

--Candice Swanepoel
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Every day in our house is like Valentine's Day. I've kept it traditional with what my dad has done with my mom. Every morning, I get up and I make coffee and I bring Giuliana coffee in bed.

--Bill Rancic
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The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing.

--Blaise Pascal
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Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

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I know of only one duty, and that is to love.

--Albert Camus
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I don't find these technical things like flowers and chocolates romantic at all. I think Valentine's Day makes no sense.

--Alia Bhatt
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