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187 Quotes About Wisdom That Ring True to Life

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My past is my wisdom to use today... my future is my wisdom yet to experience. Be in the present because that is where life resides.

A proverb is one man's wit and all men's wisdom.

Calmly in the precious present, be a light for love and wisdom in the window on your world.

Sometimes, if you stand on the bottom rail of a bridge and lean over to watch the river slipping slowly away beneath you, you will suddenly know everything there is to be known.

The highest wisdom is to know that you know nothing.

The sweetest realizations of life cannot be expressed with words.

All human wisdom is summed up in two words; wait and hope.

Learned men fall into error oftenest by mistaking knowledge for wisdom.

Wisdom grows in quiet places.

There are cases in which the greatest daring is the greatest wisdom.

Wise? No, I simply learned to think.

Wisdom is like a baobab tree; no one individual can embrace it.

The wisdom of the wise is an uncommon degree of common sense.

No one is too old to begin again.

Be unique. Be different. Be yourself.

Kindness is true wisdom--not cleverness.

Kisses are a better fate than wisdom.

Wisdom is a treasure, the key whereof is never lost.

Wisdom's door is ever open.

Be wise before the storm.

Wisdom is often counted folly by the unwise.

Wisdom is mostly the fruit of experience.

Wisdom is ever fresh; other things grow stale, but this is the evergreen flower of nature.

The man of wisdom is the man of years.

Cleverness is like a lens with a very sharp focus. Wisdom is more like a wide-angle lens.

Silence is true wisdom's best reply.

A word to the wise is -- unnecessary.

Wisdom not only gets, but once got, retains.

Be wisely worldly, but not worldly wise.

True wisdom is to see and understand your relationship with the universe. When you gain that relational knowledge, then you are wise.

Full of wisdom are the ordinations of fate.

Full wise is he that can himself know.

Be there a will, and wisdom finds a way.

Wisdom is keeping a sense of fallibility of all our views and opinions.

Wisdom oft times consists of knowing what to do next.

Wisdom never lies.

There is no folly like the folly of the wise.

What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?

Wisdom we know is the knowledge of good and evil, not the strength to choose between the two.

Wisdom sails with wind and time.

Wisdom has never made a bigot, but learning has.

The first point of wisdom is to discern what is false; the second, to know what is true.

Where fear is present, wisdom cannot be.

Discipline is wisdom and vice versa.

The highest wisdom is sometimes found in the lowest people.

True wisdom doesn't have an expiry date; it is timeless.

The beginning of wisdom is the knowledge of folly.

True wisdom consists of tracing effects to their causes.

Wisdom loves the children of men, but she prefers those who come through foolishness to wisdom.

It is wisdom to think upon anything before we execute it.

Wisdom is not acquired save as the result of investigation.

Our happiness depends on wisdom all the way.

Wisdom is the power to put our time and our knowledge to the proper use.

Wisdom is humble that he knows no more.

Strength and wisdom are not opposing values.

Good people are good because they've come to wisdom through failure.

Foolishness is a twin sister of wisdom.

Wisdom may best arise from a humbling reality.

All wisdom ends in paradox.

The best wisdom is earned through experience, particularly mistakes.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

Wisdom comes from within. Knowledge is acquired and can sometimes put a screen on your wisdom.

Wisdom and penetration are the fruit of experience, not the lessons of retirement and leisure. Great necessities call out great virtues.

Practical wisdom is what's called for in situations that have a moral dimension to them.

The greatest wisdom is to realize one's lack of it.

Conventional wisdom is not always the best wisdom.

Wisdom is knowing what to do next; virtue is doing it.

Wisdom denotes the pursuing of the best ends by the best means.

A man begins cutting his wisdom teeth the first time he bites off more than he can chew.

Because in the school of the Spirit man learns wisdom through humility, knowledge by forgetting, how to speak by silence, how to live by dying.

Preconceived notions are the locks on the door to wisdom.

Give tribute, but not oblation, to human wisdom.

Wisdom is knowing when you can't be wise.

The key to wisdom is this -- constant and frequent questioning, for by doubting we are led to question and by questioning we arrive at the truth.

Even wisdom has to yield to self-interest.

Nobility of spirit has more to do with simplicity than ostentation, wisdom rather than wealth, commitment rather than ambition.

In order to have wisdom we must have ignorance.

There's a real wisdom to not saying a thing.

Man's wisdom is his best friend; folly his worst enemy.

The farther you go, the less you know.

Wisdom is having things right in your life and knowing why.

Great wisdom not applied to action and behavior is meaningless data.

She follows her heart
Burns with the fire
Shines through the dark
Takes her brain along

She is growing
By burning the bridges and
Lighting the candles.

It's the bringing together of knowledge and wisdom that is a great part -- perhaps the greatest part -- of our life's journey.

The anchor of all my dreams is the collective wisdom of mankind as a whole.

Cowardice is incompatible with divine wisdom.

The gateways to wisdom and knowledge are always open.

Men that love wisdom must be acquainted with very many things indeed.

The process may seem strange and yet it is very true. I did not so much gain the knowledge of things by the words, as words by the experience I had of things.

To live the greatest number of good hours is wisdom.

Wisdom is oftentimes nearer when we stoop than when we soar.

The art of being wise is knowing what to overlook.

Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment.

Wisdom is the daughter of experience.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.

Real wisdom is not the knowledge of everything, but the knowledge of which things in life are necessary, which are less necessary, and which are completely unnecessary to know.

Self-knowledge is the beginning of wisdom, which is the ending of fear.

Great wisdom is generous; petty wisdom is contentious.

Longer Version:

Great wisdom is generous; petty wisdom is contentious. Great speech is impassioned, small speech cantankerous.

The end of wisdom is to dream high enough to lose the dream in the seeking of it.

Wisdom is a sacred communion.

Most things break, including hearts. The lessons of life amount not to wisdom, but to scar tissue and callus.

The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.

Counsel woven into the fabric of real life is wisdom.

The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique.

Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.

It is not who is right, but what is right, that is of importance.

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

Longer Version:

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. As a result, a genius is often a talented person who has simply done all of his homework.

Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.

We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far.

Wisdom outweighs any wealth.

Wisdom is the supreme part of happiness.

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.

Wisdom and understanding can only become the possession of individual men by travelling the old road of observation, attention, perseverance, and industry.

To keep your secret is wisdom; but to expect others to keep it is folly.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Wisdom has its root in goodness, not goodness its root in wisdom.

We gain the strength of the temptation we resist.

Nature and books belong to the eyes that see them.

Longer Version:

Nature and books belong to the eyes that see them. It depends on the mood of the man, whether he shall see the sunset or the fine poem. There are always sunsets, and there is always genius; but only a few hours so serene that we can relish nature or criticism. The more or less depends on structure or temperament. Temperament is the iron wire on which the beads are strung. Of what use is fortune or talent to a cold and defective store?

The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common.

Wisdom is knowledge which has become a part of one's being.

brown wooden bench in field

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