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Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche (born 1975) is a Tibetan teacher and master of the Karma Kagyu and Nyingma lineages of Tibetan Buddhism. He has authored two best-selling books and oversees the Tergar Meditation Community, an international network of Buddhist meditation centers.

If you're determined to think of yourself as limited, fearful, vulnerable, or scarred by past experience, know only that you have chosen to do so.

No separate me loved the world. The world was love. My perfect home. Vast and intimate. Every particle was alive with love, fluid, flowing, without barriers.

The opportunity to experience yourself differently is always available.

Whatever passes through your mind, don't focus on it and don't try to suppress it. Just observe it as it comes and goes.

Actually, everything is in-between.

To approach the finality of our bodies while paying no attention to the mini-deaths of daily life is like confusing diamonds with pebbles and throwing them away.

Experience is always changing, like the movement of clouds against the sky. Realization--the stable awareness of the true nature of your mind--is like the sky itself, an unchanging background against which shifting experience occur.

Being human means having power; specifically, the power to accomplish whatever we want.

The best part of all is that no matter how long you practice, or what method you use, every technique of Buddhist meditation ultimately generates compassion.

Emotional states are fairly quick bursts of neuronal gossip. Traits, on the other hand, are more like the neuronal equivalent of committed relationships.

If we could see the whole truth of any situation, our only response would be one of compassion.

Happiness and unhappiness are not primarily created by the material world or the physical body. First and foremost, they are decisions of the mind.

Ultimately, happiness comes down to choosing between the discomfort of becoming aware of your mental afflictions and the discomfort of being ruled by them.

The Buddha said that all conscious beings possess an enlightened nature.
Because of that, we have this natural purity, peacefulness and power.
We can rest the mind naturally because we are already in possession of these qualities.
If one can rest the mind naturally, that's the best meditation.

The funny thing about the mind is that if you ask a question and then listen quietly, the answer usually appears.

When you transform your mind, everything you experience is transformed.

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